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ITEM PBI-1     

Below are multiple examples of other plain icons.

These icons will be finished with a traditional rust red background.

If there is a specific icon for which you are looking, include a description in the "DETAILS" part of the Order Form and you will be contacted regarding the request.


Plain Basic Icons

❖ Icons mounted on sanded and painted wood, varying in size, sealed with a glossy varnish.

All are priced according to Chart A on the Fundraising Charts page 

unless otherwise indicated.

ITEM PBI-2 (Guardian Angel for boy)

ITEM PBI-3 (Guardian Angel for girl)

Size: 4 1/2 x 6    Price: $15.00


Size: 8 x 12

Price: $35.00

"IC XC NI KA" (Jesus Christ the Victor)

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