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24 prayers 3_edited.png
24 prayers 3_edited.png

Guest Favors

❖Elegant icons and stones with marbleized backgrounds, embellished with

embossed halos and borders, and hand-written.

❖ If you prefer any added decorations to your guest favors, add the following prices

to the base price of the guest favor of your choice.

CANDIED ALMONDS - Add $3 to the base price of each favor for traditional

Jordan Almonds (5 almonds) wrapped in organza netting.

DECORATIVE BOX - Add $1.50 to the base price for each favor to include a

decorative box to present your gift to your guests.

PERSONALIZATION - Hand written name and date can be added to the back of the guest favor to mark the special occasion. Please specify Greek or English on the order form and write out the name and date in the "Additional Notes" section of the order form.

Add $2 to each item.

ADDITIONAL SAINTS - Add icons of other saints to your guest favor. This would be a nice touch for a wedding (patron saint of the bride and the groom), an anniversary (patron saint for the husband and wife), or even a baptism (the patron saint of the godparent and godchild). Add $3 to the base price of each favor for each additional saint.

Below are photos of some examples of the many choices available.

Descriptions and base prices are given for each favor with example photos following the item details. Please be sure to include all information necessary when making an order.

FAV-6 ex w additional saint.jpg
FAV-4 ex w alm & personal.jpg


❖ Plain Style Icon mounted on a rectangular wooden block

❖ Available in three background wood colors - Brown, Ivory, or Maroon Red. Please specify your color choice when ordering.

SIZE: 3.5” x 4”




❖ High quality icon mounted on rectangular wood

(wood color available only in Maroon Red).

SIZE: 5” x 3.75” 




❖ Icon with hand painted embossed halo on gold background

❖Hand painted lettering

SIZE: 3.5” x 4” 

BASE PRICE: $14.00



❖ Icon mounted on rectangular wood with

gold beaded border edge.

❖ Hand painted embossed halo.

❖Hand painted lettering

SIZE: 3.5” x 4” 

BASE PRICE: $12.00 (with 1 Saint),

$15.00 (with 2 Saints)



❖ Icon with gold beaded border edge and hand painted embossed halo

❖Hand painted lettering 

❖Decorative embellishment at the bottom (examples of each shown below).

Please specify your design choice when ordering:

▪ Hand painted flowers

▪ Hand painted Cross with flowers

▪ Hand painted Cross with flourish


SIZE: 4.5” tall x 4” wide

BASE PRICE: $14.00 (with 1 Saint), $18.00 (with 2 Saints)



❖ Icon with Medallion design style.    ❖ Hand painted lettering on icon.

❖Decorative border front and back with lettering     ❖ Hand painted embossed halo.

DIAMETER: 3.5”        BASE PRICE: $15.00



❖Icon of choice mounted on Stone    ❖Precise cut high quality icon print.

❖Hand painted details. Color schemes chosen based on the icon print used.

APPROXIMATE SIZE : 4 3/4” X 3 1/2”      BASE PRICE: $30.00 

PLEASE NOTE -These prices are for orders of 40 stone favors or more, please ask for pricing if you would like to order fewer stone favors.