St. John Chrysostomos
Greek Orthodox Monastery

Quality Handmade Icons and Crafts

                       Stone Icons
  • Detailed photos can be found in the "Stone Icons" album in the Photo Gallery Index.

                              Example A                                           Example B (St. Katherine)                 Example C (Sts. Kosmas and Damian)

Item:   STN-1  (To view other examples, see the photo album in the photo gallery)

Choice Style
Sizes and Prices Vary
  • Above are examples of stone icons.
  • Icon of choice
  • Each has a flat bottom and can stand alone to display.
  • Prices will depend on the size of the stone which varies widely.  Please indicate an approximate size preference when ordering.  Examples include:
    • Approx. 4½ x 3 ½ = $30.00
    • Approx. 5½  x 3 ¾ = $37.00 
  • Please indicate your choice of embossed halo or gold foil halo when ordering (prices vary) 
  • Other standard features include:
    • Hand-painted backgrounds (colors chosen based on the icon print used)
    • Hand-painted lettering
  • Quotes will be provided when you are contacted with order confirmation.