St. John Chrysostomos
Greek Orthodox Monastery

Quality Handmade Icons and Crafts

                  Plain Basic Style
  • Unless otherwise noted, sizes and prices are according to the "Chart" stated and can be found on the General Pricing page.
  • Detailed photos can be found in the "Plain Basic Styles" album in the Photo Gallery Index. 



Item  PLNBSC-1

Standard Style
Size:  8 x 12
Price $25.00
  • Icon of Cross with "IC XC NIKA" (Jesus Christ the Victor)
  • Black and yellow print


PLNBSC-2   (Guardian Angel for boy)
PLNBSC-3   (Guardian Angel for girl)

Standard Style
Size:  4 1/2 x 6
Price $10.00
  • Icon of Guardian Angels for boy or girl
  • Perfect for baptisms

Item  PLNBSC-4

Standard Style
Size & Price CHART K

  • Icon of Noah's Ark
  • Great baby shower gift

Item  PLNBSC-5

Size & Price CHART K

  • Icon of choice
  • Below are multiple examples of other plain icons.
  • These icons will be finished with a traditional rust red background.
  • These pictures also provide a small sample of the many different and even hard-to-find icon prints that are available at the Holy Monastery.
  • If there is a specific icon for which you are looking, include a description in the "DETAILS" part of the Order Form and you will be contacted regarding the request.

    EX-1 Gorgouipikoos Quick to Hear                       EX-2 Life-Giving Spring                           EX-3 Ap. Peter-"Lord Save Me"

                   EX-4 Chinese Martyrs                                            EX-5 St. Christopher                         EX-6 Saints Evstathios, Theopistis,

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Agapios, Theopisti

                         EX-7 Saint Hannah                                        EX-8 Saint Hilarion                               EX-9 Saint Innocent of Alaska


                          EX-10 Saint Justin                                          EX-11 Saint Macarius                         EX-12 The Three Forefather-

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Abraham, Isaac, Jacob


                       EX-13 Saint Rachel                                   EX-14 Archangel Raphael                    EX-15 Archangel Raphael & Tobias



                                    EX-16 Saint Rebecca                                                       EX-17 Foremother Ruth