St. John Chrysostomos
Greek Orthodox Monastery

Quality Handmade Icons and Crafts

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  • STANDARD STYLE:  These items are completed as seen in the photograph presented and are among the most common.  A description is given to provide details for these particular items.  A few of the “Standard Style” items have one or two details that can be modified and are stated as such in the item description.  These choices, like gold or white background, for example, may have separate ITEM NUMBERS that should be used on the order form.  Because there is so much hand-completed work with each icon, please allow for slight differences in color schemes or handiwork from the examples pictured.
  • CHOICE STYLE:  These items can be completed with the Saint or Feast of your choice.  Color schemes that are used (i.e. background paint, floral embellishments, etc.) will be chosen by the Sisters based on the icon print used and will be complimentary to that print.  Also, the photo as well as the description provide decorative information that is standard for the item which is not customized.  Virtually any saint within the Synaxarion can be completed and there are NUMEROUS prints of Christ, the Theotokos, and different Feasts available.  If you see a particular icon print that you would like on another item, simply note on the order form the item number of the print you would prefer to use. 
  • Size and Price CHART:  Specified in the details of most items is the “CHART” for which the information on sizes and prices is listed.  The corresponding chart (i.e. “CHART A”) can be found on the “General Pricing” page of this site.  If the item is only available in certain sizes, it will be noted in the description of the item and the prices in the chart will apply to those specific sizes.
  • Orders: To place an order, visit the "Order and Contact Information" page.  You may print an "Order Form" or even take a look at a "Sample Order Form" to see what information is necessary for your order.