St. John Chrysostomos
Greek Orthodox Monastery

Quality Handmade Icons and Crafts

                     Circular Icons

  • Detailed photos can be found in the "Circular Icons" album in the Photo Gallery Index. 



  • Multiple examples of circular icons are pictured on this page (below the chart).
  • These icons would make wonderful gifts for children, Christmas gifts, or even great favors for weddings and baptisms.
  • Many styles can be completed (as shown in the chart below) and choices include:
    • Icon print of saint of your choice
    • 6" or 6 1/2" in diameter
    • Background in gold, white marbleized, or natural wood finish with hand wood-burned border and halo
    • Embossed halo or plain halo (i.e. original paper print halo or hand-painted red-trim halo)
    • With or without hand-painted floral embellishments (colors used will vary and be chosen by the Sisters based on the icon print used).

 Item #
Halo Type
GoldPlain or Print
 C-26" GoldPlain or Print
White marbleized
 Plain or Print With$15.00
 White marbleized Plain or PrintWithout
 C-56 1/2" Gold Plain or PrintWith
 C-66 1/2" Gold Plain or Print Without$15.00
 C-76 1/2"  White marbleized Plain or Print With$15.00
 C-86 1/2"  White marbleized Plain or Print Without$15.00
 C-96" Gold
Embossed With$18.00
Gold Embossed Without$18.00
 White marbleized Embossed With$18.00
 White marbleized EmbossedWithout
 C-136 1/2" Gold
 Embossed With$18.00
 C-146 1/2" GoldEmbossed
 C-156 1/2"  White marbleizedEmbossed
 C-166 1/2"  White marbleizedEmbossed
 C-176 1/2" Natural wood-burned Wood-burned  With$15.00
 C-186 1/2" Natural wood-burned
Wood burned Without$15.00

             Example of C-15                     Example of C-4               Example of C-7

         Example of C-1                    Example of C-17               Example of C-13