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           Christmas Items Part 1
  • The selection of Nativity Prints can be found in the "Christmas Nativity Prints" album.
  • Detailed photos of the items on this page can be found in the       "Christmas 1" album in the Photo Gallery Index.

Many items can be made for the Christmas season that are wonderful gifts for children, parents, grandparents and godparents as well as other family members and friends.  While any item in this website would be a great gift, you might also consider the items on the following pages which include:

  • Ornaments
  • Nativity Icons
  • "Merry Christmas" Plaques
  • Wreaths
  • Candle Centerpieces
  • Nativity Icon Eggs
  • Keepsake Boxes
Nativity Prints:

Below are the different Nativity prints from which you can choose.

(Background colors may vary from those shown.)

                Example A                                Example B                      Example C

           Example D                       Example E                                ExampleF

                                                                                            Example G                        Example H

 Other popular prints for the Christmas season:

                                     Example I                                                  Example J

                                       Example K                                            Example L


  Geode Slice Ornaments

       Example (A) of CRSMS-1        Example (B) of CRSMS-1                   Example (C) of CRSMS-2                    Example (D) of CRSMS-3                                             Example (E) of CRSMS-3

  • Geode Slice Ornaments come in varying shapes, sizes and colors.
  • You may choose approximate sizes but colors will be selected by the Sisters based on the icon print used and what is available.
  • Each will come with a gold chord for hanging as well as a hand-written "Merry Christmas" message on the back.
  • You can choose from the "natural" slice style that has rough edges and unique uneven shapes or the plain circular style.
  • Besides Nativity icon prints, also consider icons of Christ, the Theotokos, Archangels and Patron Saints.

 ItemApprox. Size
CRSMS-1 (Natural Slice)
1½ x 3
CRSMS-2 (Natural Slice)
 2 x 4
CRSMS-3 (Circular)
 3" Diameter $20.00

Be sure to specify what Nativity print (shown above) or other prints you would like when ordering.


Double Sided Ornaments
      Example of Double Sided (Front)                                     (Back)

Item: CRSMS-4  (To see other examples, see the Christmas Items Part 1 album in the photo gallery)
$15.00 (Ornament Only)
$18.00 (Box Included - shown below)

  • These ornaments are mounted on wood with a gold painted border and are approximately 3½" in diameter.
  • They include a circular ring and gold chord for hanging.
  • The acrylic box is nice for gift giving.  It includes some festive decoration and the ornament is supported by gold chord tied through the top of the box.
  • You may choose any combination of prints.  Examples are shown and might include:
    • Christ/Theotokos
    • Nativity Icon/Another icon of choice
    • Archangel Michael/Archangel Gabriel
    • Christ/Patron Saint
    • Pair of favorite saints or patron saints
  • Background and primary colors will be selected based on the icon prints used and will be matching on the front and back.