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  • Detailed photos can be found in the "Family Icons" album in the Photo Gallery Index.

Item:   F-1

Standard Style
Size:  11 x 14
Base Price starts at $150.00

Item:   F-2

Standard Style
Size:  11 1/2" in diameter
Base Price starts at $70.00


  • These family icons can be completed with the patron saints of each member of your family tree.
  • These are wonderful family heirlooms that can be done for your immediate family to keep in your own home or would even make excellent gifts for parents or grandparents.
  • The rectangular style is done in a grapevine motif with Christ at the center of the family and includes:
    • "God Bless the __ Family" hand-painted in Greek or English
    • An individual icon print for each member of the family included in the branches of the vine
    • Gold background
    • Hand-painted vine
    • Hand-painted lettering and halos
  • The ornate circular style is a plain style, again with Christ at the center of the family, and includes:
    • Gold background
    • An individual icon print for each member of the family on the border around Christ
    • Hand-painted lettering and halos
    • Golden edge border with sponging effect
  • The base price for each icon is the starting value of the icons and will increase depending on the amount of work and materials involved.  Because each icon will be different, a quote will be provided for your individual order.  Simply describe on the Order Form which icon you would like, the saints to be included, and any other details (like Greek or English language).  Someone from the Holy Monastery will get back with you as soon as possible with the pricing information.


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